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If selecting a Voice plan with your internet plan the Voice component will be setup at the same time as the internet service. Should you wish to purchase equipment from us, the supply of the configured equipment can be installed by your IT team or you can have one of the Business Plus technicians install the equipment at your premises for a small fee.

2 Port ATA – $99 [Supplied]

2 Port ATA – $99 [Installation]

8 Port ATA – $149 [Supplied]

8 Port ATA – $99 [Installation]

You will require an ATA device should you wish to use your voice service for a Fax machine, EFTPOS machine or any other device which requires an analogue line. An ATA device is simply an Analog Telephone Adapter, it converts a Voice Over IP (VOIP) service into ananalog tone to be compatible with analog devices. Depending on the number of voice services you require will determine whether you need a 2 Port ATA device or an 8 Port ATA device.